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Our story with chocolate..

Since childhood,
chocolate is My love and passion. My adventure with chocolate dates back to the time of childhood, grandfather was an archaeologist, his passion was exploring and learning about different cultures around the world. when he came home from a long trip always brought chocolate. To this day, I remember the wonderful taste and aroma. My grandfather was fascinated by homemade chocolate factories, endowing us sailing wrapped in cloth and tied with linen cord tag. spoke of a day without chocolate is a day wasted. This is because chocolate in our house has always been treated with special respect and expectation. Grandma did not recognize the store products ... aroma, flavor, and the whole process of making chocolate was sacred in our house.

Traveler passion inherited from my grandfather and love to taste chocolate turned into my profession. Traveling the world looking for old recipes to develop and broaden sweet game produced products. Production of chocolate-based household product. According unique recipes turned out wonderful idea. Setting our company on quality and uniqueness has generated a number of supporters and distinguished tastes. Website to which your present is the result of persuasion of our regular customers. The aim and objective is to allow a wider knowledge of our products the number of people appreciating aesthetics, taste and uniqueness of our chocolates.

"My World Chocolate" is a representation of our achievements, our passion and our life which was always associated with chocolate.

   The idea of ​​"my world Chocolate" is a traditional method of creating everything from beginning to end according to the old, elaborate recipes coming from all over the world with the best carefully selected cocoa beans. Thanks to this we offer a perfectly executed fully organic, always fresh and delicious chocolates. A small number of products compensate for their high quality, exquisite taste and full flavor.

"My World chocolate" is a way of life, is still being developed. And our journey around the world is to know yet undiscovered receptor. We share the results to you on our website.

"My World chocolate" is the opposite of commercial production methods. Our chocolates are not mass-produced. We are a distributor of niche chocolate products. Chocolate boxes and decorations are done individually. Because of this, every one of you who will visit the "My World Chocolate" can be sure of that - box, decoration, chocolate and filling are unique and one of a kind created solely and exclusively with a view to him.

We know how much of our lives is a small gesture for the other person. That's why we give you the opportunity to create their own chocolates, specially chosen for their taste and the filling and packed to the selected package. To bring joy to you and your loved ones.

In view of all of our customers: without exception, realizing as we love chocolate, we created lines of chocolate without sugar and without the addition of gluten lines. By each of us can enjoy the beauty of my world described by chocolate products

Thats Why by MyWorldChocolate We wants give You all what is the best on the world – it mean real, amazing, delicious chocolate in great, handmade boxes Welcome. We wish you a pleasant stay in our chocolate website

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