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Life is like chocolate, it?s the bitter that makes one appreciate the sweet? Xavier Brebion Chocolate is referred to in countless French songs and novels as a symbol of desire, ranging from innocent pleasures to passionate lust.

Chocolate was first introduced to the country in the 17th century by a Spanish princess, Anne of Austria, when she wedded the King of France Louis XIII.

Chocolate was quickly to become a French passion? And that is what Louis XIV, owes the dissemination of chocolate in France who consume this drink habit introduced at the royal courts and among the aristocracy. Apparently, he supported the construction of the first steam-powered machinery for the manufacture of chocolate. Since the king's lifestyle was imitated by many European rulers, in a short time habit of drinking this drink came to England, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

Now Each family has its favorite chocolate mousse and cake recipe that is passed down to the next generation. No family gathering is complete without that special chocolate cake that our grandmother used to bake


Just white & Just Mocha
French €9.55
French Chocolate Milk Bar, delicate, subtle chocolate
French Chocolate Milk Bar €12.99
French Bag with Vanilla Flavor
French Vanilla Morning €8.99
Little crazy box with vanlila chocolate
French Crazy Box €8.60
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