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Mother's Day

In most countries, Mother's Day is also celebrated in May, to be exact - on the second Sunday. Universal coverage of the holiday due to the esteem in which both the culture of the West and the East gives up motherhood. Being a mother is traditionally regarded as the basic role of women of importance not only for the family but also for societies and nations.

Mother's Day officially began celebrating in Europe only in the twentieth century - in Poland since 1914, and in many countries after World War II. The roots of this festival, however, date back to ancient times.

Even in ancient Greece, and even in more primitive cultures, you can find traces of the worship of goddesses-mothers. Greco-Roman mythology is full of messages emphasizing the special role of motherhood. Can be identified Gaia (Mother-Earth), Rhea, Demeter (the patron saint of mothers) and Latona (mother of Apollo and Artemis). Religious worship aspect of motherhood was also reflected in the realm of morality. It is celebrated in the spring rites in honor of fertility and new life, in May in ancient Rome worshiped the goddess Cybele - the mother of the gods. These were the so-called Hilaria. In turn, the Christian culture is considered a primeval mother the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ.

When it comes to modern culture, an important step towards the establishment of Mother's Day was the so-called "maternal Sunday" in the UK, celebrated since the sixteenth century on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This custom was to visiting during this period mothers and bestowing their gifts. In the U.S., the introduction of Mother's Day an official holiday calendar struggled Ann Jarvis of Philadelphia, who, after the death of his mother wanted to pay tribute to all Mums and create for them a special holiday. Thanks to the efforts of her and her predecessors in 1858 established the Mother's Day Labor Day in 1872, Mothers for Peace, and in 1905 - the world's first Mother's Day. In the United States it is a national holiday falling on the second Sunday of May.

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